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What do Hachiko and Petto have in common?

What do Hachiko and Petto have in common?

Surely you already know about Hachiko, the most famous Akita Inu in the world and an example of loyalty, consistency, and unconditional love.  All the goodness of a dog embodied in our Japanese friend.  This is where the connection with Petto comes in.

The founders of Petto met while working in Japan. There, their Western mindset learned, among other things, new ways of healthier food.  They decided that if they could eat better, so could their best friends: the dogs.

Eventually, they settled in England, where they decided to pursue their dream.

However, Japan left such a mark on them that "Pe-tto" is how "pets" is pronounced in Japanese.  A tribute to the dog that represents the best of all others.

Many people have asked us why we started from scratch with a brand of plant-based treats.  The answer lies thousands of miles away, and it has one of the most beautiful love stories in the world.

We try to give the same love back to your dog.

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