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What insects do we have in the recipes?

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We use black soldier fly larvae, dehydrated in powder form and only in our Plant & Insect recipes: Let's Do It and Take It Easy. They provide a great and clean source of proteins as well as having a very high protein content per kilo.

Where are Petto Smart Nutrition® products manufactured?

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Our products are manufactured in a bakery in the UK.

Can I feed Petto Smart Nutrition® to puppies?

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We have recently introduced 2 variants for puppies and small dogs. You can find out Jump & Run and Kiss Me Again variants for Small Dogs among the products we well.


What if my dog does not like Petto®?

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Please give the remaining of the product in the pouch to an animal shelter, call us, and we will give you a full refund. No questions asked.


How frequently can I feed my dog with Petto Smart Nutrition® treats?

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A well balanced diet is essential for the health of your dog.  Our treats are to be used as a complement to their main meal when you want to make your dog happy.

Is Petto Smart Nutrition® allergen free?

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Petto Smart Nutrition® is one of the most hypoallergenic products in the market. Our ingredients have all been certified as hypoallergenic and the baking process is allergen free.  We don't use traditional meat proteins that often cause allergies. Still in very few cases, dogs may have allergies to some of our ingredients.

Is Petto Smart Nutrition® grain free?

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Not completely. One of our recipes contains Oats.  We decided to include it for its nutritional values. You can see the full list of ingredients on our website and on our packs.

Where can I find Petto Smart Nutrition® main meal for dogs?

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We are working on it so we can provide a complete meal to your furry companion.

Are these products vegan?

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We have a variety of products and if you are looking for a vegan recipe, you can buy our plant based variants: Jump & Run or Kiss Me Again.


Can I get better prices if I subscribe?

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You can subscribe to Petto Smart Nutrition® here and enjoy a 20% discount for your yearly needs of delicious and healthy treats for your dog.

How do I cancel my subscription?

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When you log in, go to your Petto account. Then go to subscription. You will find how to edit, pause or cancel your subscription. Once you cancel your subscription, it cannot be reinstated. You need to generate a new one.

How do I change the frequency in my subscription?

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When you log in, go to your Petto® account. Then go to subscription. You will find an edit, pause or cancel your subscription. Go to edit, and change the frequency or amount of Petto® you now want to do.


Where can I find Petto Smart Nutrition®?

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If you prefer to buy online, you can buy directly from this site as well as Zooplus and Amazon UK.

If you prefer to visit a store, we are in all Pet's Corner shops and some limited independent pet stores.

Where does Petto Smart Nutrition® deliver in the UK?

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We deliver everywhere within the UK.

How much is delivery?

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When you check out and depending on the size of your basket as well as your address, you will see the cost of the delivery charges.

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