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About Us

Petto Smart Nutrition®:

founded by Eduardo and Julio, Petto Smart Nutrition® is a plant and insect based pet nutrition brand.  Our unique high protein recipes have been created by experts in superfoods for humans and tailored by pet nutritionists, now working together on significantly improving dogs’ health and nutrition while taking care of our planet.

Eduardo - co founder of Petto Smart Nutrition
Julio - co founder of Petto Smart Nutrition

Maya - Chief Food Officer

Maya has been working very hard trying our delicious treats so we offer the best to her furry friends

Golden retriever called Maya

Our Passion

Our passion is to create greatly improved nutrition for dogs which is not only healthier but also helps protect the environment. As such, we have created recipes that:

Are 100% plant & insect based.

Use solely human grade ingredients.

Are baked in a real bakery.

Our ambition is to create high-quality recipes, a complete nutrition for dogs, and include only the cleanest and purest ingredients.

Our Expertise

Our expertise is in designing and introducing products of superior quality in different categories, including food and pet food. We have lived and worked in very different countries: Chile, Spain, USA, Hong Kong, etc… We both worked in Japan in the early 2000s, and that experience marked our thinking around product superiority, particularly in the food category: attention to detail, transparency, and unsurpassed dedication to quality, texture and taste. This experience has also served as inspiration for the name of the brand: Petto®, pet in Japanese.

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