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HYPOALLERGENIC - great for sensitive tummies!

Delicious, high-protein, hypoallergenic treats packed with nutritional goodness to support your dog’s optimum health, without the carbon footprint and side effects often associated with traditional meat–protein.

Why choose Petto treats?

We choose the best quality, high-protein ingredients, backed by science to give your dog the healthy nutrition they deserve. Great for dogs with sensitive tummies or prone to meat allergies, our treats improve their well-being, whilst contributing to a happier planet.

Illustration of a cricket and a leaf


Better for your pet and for our planet.

Petto Smart Nutrition® Treats only use plant & insect high protein ingredients, with better quality nutrition and digestibility for your pet. They help prevent the side effects often associated with traditional meat protein, whilst significantly reducing our carbon footprint.

Illustration of a spoon, knife and fork


Designed by superfoods experts and tailored by pet nutritionists.

Petto Smart Nutrition® Treats have been formulated with such high quality standards, making them safe for a human to eat. But your dog won't like to share them with you.

Illustration of bread and pastries


Run away from industrial processes.

Petto Smart Nutrition® Treats are not mass produced in big industrial factories. They are gently made in our bakery, where they get one of our best ingredients: love.

All of us doing our little bit for the planet

Petto Smart Nutrition® is a great innovation in the dog nutrition category. Clean plant & insect based recipes, designed by experts in superfood for humans and tailored by pet nutritionists, now working together to improve dog's nutrition. Petto Smart Nutrition® is also great for the environment. Our plant & insect based recipes, when compared to recipes with animal proteins, have a significantly lower carbon footprint as well as lower land & water usage.

Hear tails from our Petto® pals & what science says..

May 24, 2024


We are thrilled to welcome Brucey to the Petto brand ambassador family! This handsome fellow has already captured our hearts, and we feel incredibly lucky to have him with us. Brucey's wonderful mum, Precious, has shared their journey to find food and treats that keep him healthy. Read on to discover their story and learn how Petto has made a difference in Brucey's life.

Mar 20, 2024

What do Hachiko and Petto have in common?

Surely you already know about Hachiko, the most famous Akita Inu in the world and an example of loyalty, consistency, and unconditional love.  All the goodness of a dog embodied in our Japanese friend.  This is where the connection with Petto comes in.

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