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We are thrilled to welcome Brucey to the Petto brand ambassador family! This handsome fellow has already captured our hearts, and we feel incredibly lucky to have him with us. Brucey's wonderful mum, Precious, has shared their journey to find food and treats that keep him healthy. Read on to discover their story and learn how Petto has made a difference in Brucey's life.

Brucey’s Path to Happy and Healthy Treats

Bruce has poultry allergies which we discovered alongside our vets when Bruce was having consistent issues with gastric discomfort, lethargy, itchiness and poor faecal consistency. After an extended period of tests and several diet trials and changes, it became clear that the issues were meat protein related. It was also determined Bruce likely had IBD which leads to increased sensitivity to food items.

Bruce is now on an insect-based diet and has a select range of treats that he tolerates which includes Petto and just two types of pure meat (venison and crocodile). We have tried a few all-natural treats before, which Bruce does enjoy but we have found he regularly gets bored with most of them or can become sensitive to them with prolonged use. We haven’t had this response to Petto however, with Bruce consistently enjoying Petto and so far, no adverse responses which is great.

It is extremely important to us to feed Bruce high quality treats without artificial ingredients so ensure his gastric comfort but also to fuel all his adventures. Bruce is a very active dog and loves to learn. He is very food motivated and as a result we need a variety of high-quality treats that we can rely on for keeping Bruce happy without causing any tummy troubles. We love Petto as we are a very environmentally conscious household! We love the fact that the treats are plant/insect based and as a result have a reduced carbon footprint. We also love that the treats contain nothing artificial and are hypoallergenic, using human grade ingredients which means we don’t have to worry about Bruce’s sensitive tummy and potentially negative reactions.

Providing Bruce the most nutritional diet possible whilst catering to his individual needs is our top priority, and as a result we’re very picky with treats and other food items so it’s great to have a selection of treats available that tick all of the boxes. Bruce LOVES his Petto treats with the variety of tasty, strong flavours and the Petto range fills the requirements perfectly for him. As the treats are sensitive on his tummy, he can have more than he would other similar brands, which is another bonus in his eyes! 

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