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Why Are We Doing This?

Closeup of a cricket standing on a blanket in a field

Why Plant & Insect Protein?

Like for humans, a diet based on plants & insects is significantly better for our furry friends. Indeed, non-animal protein nutrition has proven to be healthier in many aspects of the holistic health of our pets. From better digestion, to better blood circulation, to better immune system, to improved back-end performance. All of these, avoiding possible future health disorders: stroke, heart complications, diabetes, cancer, or lung disease. Also, proteins coming from plants and insects have a significantly lower carbon footprint, as well as less land & water usage than its equivalent animal derived proteins, even by a factor of 50x! Join our movement for a better environment tomorrow.

Closeup of a baker kneeding bread on a floured surface

Why Human Grade?

Our dogs are part of our family, and yet, we feed them with poor quality ingredients. Our drive has been to significantly improve the quality of our recipes, and make them end to end human grade. Indeed, from the sourcing of our ingredients, to the baking of them, to the packing of the end products... all human grade. And yes, we decided to bake our recipes in a human grade facility: a bakery. They give us so much love and joy. It is the least we can do.

Closeup of raspberries, chopped mushrooms, pumpkin and cauliflower

Why Petto Smart Nutrition®?

Petto Smart Nutrition® is a great innovation in the dog nutrition category. Clean plant & insect based recipes, designed by experts in superfood for humans and tailored by pet nutritionists, now working together to improve dog's nutrition. Petto Smart Nutrition is also great for the environment. Our plant & insect based recipes, when compared to recipes with animal proteins, have a significantly lower carbon footprint as well as lower land & water usage.

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