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Eddie is a red grizzle Border Terrier from Leicestershire and is nearly 13 years young.

Eddie is a red grizzle Border Terrier from Leicestershire and is nearly 13 years young.

He’s a senior dog, which means he’s a little slower now, but he is still very fit and heathy.
Eddie suffers with a rare condition called Canine epileptoid cramping syndrome (CECS), previously known as Spike's Disease. It is a hereditary dog disease initially found in Border Terriers. This condition causes small fits, but we are 3 years clear from fitting!

Back In 2019 it was confirmed that Eddie was suffering with a skin condition, which has lead to itchy skin and hair loss. After many trips to the vets, Eddie is now medicated and is recovering. With his skin soothing, his is hair growing back but it is very fragile.

We have really struggled with his food and treats for many years as we have needed something that was healthy, kind on his tummy and something that would help strengthen the skin and coat.

Treats were really hard to find, that we were fully happy with for Eddie to have.
Dog food has changed over the years for the better, but treats have never really improved.
We wanted something that was beneficial to Eddie’s health, natural, nutritious and was kind to our planet and not to costly.

Back in early summer 2023 we took a trip to Dog Fest.
Where we discovered Petto.

Petto has answered all our prays to finding a healthy treat.
Eddie is usually fussy with treats but not in this case. He loves Petto treats. (Especially “kiss me again”).
As owners we love Petto as they are completely honest with their customers and they know what is in their treats. All the ingredients that they have in them we love and we are happy knowing that they are good for Eddies health.
They are great little treats to have when out and about, as well as for training, or simply for a delicious quick snack.

We are super happy we’ve that we found Petto.
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