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Connors story about Mac

Connors story about Mac

Connors story about Mac:

Unleashing the story about Mac and her plant-powered journey to optimal health.

 So, Mac has been on a majority vegan diet since she was 14 months old, as a pup she had always been in some state of illness surrounding her diet and we had frequent visits to the vets who couldn't ascertain the cause. We were put on an elimination diet where we introduced different meat sources to her and waited to see the reaction. Fish seemed to have the least effect on her in terms of reaction until one week she became seriously ill and completely refused to eat or drink. We took her to the vets and explained the issue, they stated that her body had used up its resources in fighting her allergies and this was the outcome, we were syringing water into her mouth and attempting to get her to eat anything. We were preparing for the worst. Thankfully, on around day 5 she came to eat a bowl of boiled mashed vegetables and began to perk up and this is all she ate for some time. After she regained her health there has been some attempt - although minimal - to introduce exotic meat sources into her diet as well as insects as these are advertised as hypoallergenic, however, all had adverse effects. Mac is now only given vegan based snacks and kibble and people always find it odd when I mention she's a vegan, but you wouldn't know to look at her and she's the best adventure buddy always full of energy. 

I do think that in the future, regardless of dietary requirements I would raise my dogs on a vegan diet after seeing the benefits it has for Mac.

If more people see how well it can work, maybe more people would be willing to try it. 

I hope this helps, 

Many thanks 

Connor Butterley 

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