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We are delighted to welcome Penny and Indy to the Petto brand ambassador family! This adorable pair has had their share of challenges with food allergies, but they’ve finally found relief with Petto treats. Their dedicated dog mum, Kayleigh, has shared their journey to discovering the perfect snacks that keep Penny and Indy both happy and healthy. Read on to learn more about their story and how Petto has made a positive impact on their lives.

Penny & Indy’s Journey to Finding Treats That Prove to Be a Game Changer! - by Kayleigh, Penny & Indy’s Mum.

We haven't had a Petto treat the girls didn't love. The soft bakes are a real hit, especially for Penny, who is a dainty chewer 😂. They're great for training treats and bribery at hydrotherapy. The girls have allergies, mainly to chicken and beef, so we avoid those.

How did you find out about their allergies? Did they have symptoms? Did those allergies compromise their health?

There were visible signs for both girls, albeit to different degrees.

With Pen, we tried various dry foods, sensitive, hypoallergenic, Tails, etc., but she had upset tummy issues, anal gland problems, sore ears, tear stains, and itchy paws. We did a hair allergy test from BB Herbal, which, though contested, proved quite accurate for us. Various proteins upset Penny, including chicken, beef, turkey, egg yolks, and some environmental ones. We switched to single-protein raw food and stopped store-bought treats, which often contain chicken by-products. We've since been on a mission to find treats they can enjoy without causing issues.

Indy was a very itchy pup from about four months old, scratching herself constantly and making her skin sore and bleed. The vets, unsure of the cause, suspected hereditary issues. We had to keep her in t-shirts to protect her skin and did an allergy test, but we joke she's allergic to air 😂. She was put on Cytopoint injections around ten months old, which have kept her allergies at bay. We avoid chicken, beef, and lamb, as they cause reactions even with Cytopoint, and stick to novel proteins. Her ears still get yeasty and require regular cleaning, especially during spring and summer, but she's no longer scratching herself raw.

Finding treats that they enjoy and don't upset them is a priority. Petto treats are safe and reliable, and they don't make the dogs gassy like some others! 😂

Have you tried plant-based treats before Petto?

Only vegetable-based chews, which Penny rarely likes and can't be used for training.

How important is it to you that the girls eat high-quality, all-natural treats?

It's a high priority—we know they've been fed garbage when they get gassy and start chewing their paws. It's like giving a coeliac gluten and expecting no reaction. We want the girls to have a happy, healthy life with treats that don't cause them any upset. We wouldn't feed a friend something they're sensitive to, so why should we do it to our furbabies?

What are your biggest reasons for loving Petto as a dog owner? I have no worries with your treats. They don't get gassy or itchy, they don't stink, and they never get bored of them! Penny can be a diva with single novel protein treats but always wants Petto treats. The soft bakes are a game changer—easy to break up, and Penny doesn't take forever to finish them if we're training 😂.

Why do you think the girls love Petto?

They must taste amazing! When I open the bag, their faces are as close as possible, trying to get at them. For photos, they push each other to get the treat first, even if they've had loads already! They definitely work harder for them.

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